Anthony Neely is A-OK to bare it all for Ang Lee

Newcomer Anthony Neely has been having great success in album sales as well as reaching top five in singles chart. His popularity continues to be on the rise as he beat out top stars like Leehom Wang and Jolin Tsai to be the new spokesperson for everyone’s favorite fast food chain…McDonald’s! Even his father back home in the states feels extremely proud of him.

Before his debut, Anthony had also filmed a McCafe commercial; after his popularity skyrocketed with his album release, he’s now back to film the fries commercial. During the shoot, Anthony expressed that his biggest challenge was the dialogue. The line, “How come some fries are longer and some are shorter”, took him four to five retakes to say it right.

Anthony revealed that he is very interested in going into acting. In a recent interview, he daringly said that he would be willing to bare it all – with a good script, of course. When asked if he would be willing to take it all off like Tony Leung did in “Lust, Caution”, Anthony raised his eyebrow for a second, and then responded, “If Ang Lee really wants me to (take it all off)…of course! He has a reason for it, bed scenes aren’t for nothing.”

Anthony further revealed that he admired Ethan Ruan’s role in “Monga” a lot, “I want to try holding knives or guns, and shave my head to act like a ruffian.”

[Eng subs] Anthony's "The Last Embrace" MV:

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Source: LibertyTimes, UDN, NOWnews, taiwansugoi2 and sugoishow3's channel

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