Angie Lee goes almost totally nude for upcoming Taiwanese language album

Twenty-two years after first debuting as a singer, Taiwanese artist Angie Lee will release her latest new Taiwanese language album titled "戀愛路100號" (roughly translated as "100 Love Road"). In order to show her seriousness in her musical comeback, the singer recently did a provocative photo shoot to showcase her "rebirth" involving everything but her clothes. With only a strategic pose to cover up her naughty bits, Angie boldly challenged the current conservative image of Taiwanese language music compared to the country's more mainstream Mandarin language music industry.

In order to develop her "rebirth" image, Angie had to first spend some time convincing her husband to go along with the idea of her doing the nude photo shoot. The Taiwanese language singer was very fond of the concept, and so she seriously trained in the gym for four hours a day for a week in order to get a figure that she was happy with before the photo shoot. The end result left her stylist praising her figure to that of famous models after a week's worth of hard work.

Yet in order to have a excellent photo shoot once the day arrived, the crew had Angie sit with her back straight and feet evenly leveled for at leas, slowly fine-tuning her sitting pose just right to ensure that the final result was neither too erotic nor too revealing. After three hours of posing, the singer developed leg cramps and even a stiff back several times, but remedied her aches by taking Chinese medicine and getting a massage. Angie responded after her nude photo shoot by saying, "I fantasied about becoming a supermodel, and after finishing the photo shoot I realized that it's very easy to get injured on the job."

Angie Lee's "Love Song" MV (from 2009 album):

Source: NOWnews

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