Ady An is willing to lose everything for love?

In contrast to her fragile and pitiful character in “Autumn’s Concerto”, Ady An is an outgoing and generous person in real life, surrounded by a group of friends. Ady rarely talks about her family, but she revealed to Appledaily that she was raised in a single-parent family. She and her mom stopped seeing each other when she was very little, and she was raised in a strict manner by her dad and step-mom. She recalls that her dad had once threatened her boyfriend to take her to the obstetrics and gynecology department to ensure her virginity; she was even forbid of going to school at the time. The experience greatly affected her perspective on love. Ady, who’s willing to lose everything for love, said, “I once observed a guy for three years, and in the end, he suddenly got married with someone else.” Upon saying this, everyone suspected that her crush was Wang Xiao-Fei, but she laughed, “Of course not, we’re buddies!”

Ady grew up living in an expensive house at Yangmingshan. She was once mistaken as a daughter of a triad. She explained that her dad manages a security company; before she was 16, her dad would send a car to pick her up after school every day. However, Ady expressed that she did not have a happy childhood. Her parents divorced when she was 4 and both of her parents got remarried. Her mom later gave birth to two more daughters and a son, while her dad and her step-mom had another son. Since she lived with her dad, she could only send her mom cards during the holidays to maintain their relationship. She didn't reunite with her mom until she was 20.

Since she was little, Ady would only call her step-mom, ‘auntie’ and not ‘mom’. Her auntie had been very strict; whenever she did not pass on a test, she would get hit once for every mark she missed. She always had to pay special attention to make sure all the dishes were washed thoroughly; if she didn’t wake up after the alarm clock goes off, her auntie would charge right into her room and begin to smash things. Going out with friends was simply an impossible dream. Due to this, Ady decided to run away from home after graduating from high school. But she was like ‘Monkey King’, unable to escape from the palm of her dad’s hand. She ended up calling home to inform of her safety and her dad immediately scolded, “You’d better get home in half an hour!” As for the ten years of unhappiness that she has been through, she expressed, “I know that auntie did all the things for my good. A few years ago, she cried while apologizing to me, but actually, I understood her reasons long ago.”

Inheriting her father’s straightforward personality, Ady's friends are mostly guys; Barbie Hsu’s husband Wang Xiao-Fei is one of her buddies. They met at her birthday party five years ago and love just didn’t spark between the two, “If I've decided that he’s going to my friend, then it’s impossible for us to go any further than that.” As for rumors of her having a crush on him, it made her extremely mad. She described Wang Xiao-Fei as a very generous and caring person where he would pay for dinner when eating with friends. He would call a driver to take him home if he drank more than a glass. Ady commented, “I’ve never seen him get out of control when drinking.” He also once wished that Ady would become more feminine and bought her a pink Prada purse as a birthday gift. Barbie also showed her thanks to Ady for being their matchmaker and even promised that she will “definitely get Ady married!”

Perhaps it’s due to her family background; Ady has always been independent and likes to keep her personal life private, where even her female friends don’t have a clue about her love relationships. Ady explained, “If it’s not a friend that I’ve known for 5 to 6 years, I wouldn’t invite him or her to visit my home.” She admits that she doesn’t act girly, but she is willing to give up everything she has for love, “What I like is probably the guy version of Ady An. This person has to be stronger than me.” Her thought on marriage is rather pessimistic, “I believe that there are couples that love each other for a lifetime, but it won’t happen to me.”

It’s been nine years since Ady debuted and she has very little rumored boyfriends. At most, her rumored boyfriends are the ones for promoting her dramas or movies such as Dylan Kuo and Huang Xiao-Ming. She expressed, “Actually, I mind a lot about privacy. For the past few years, I’ve never dated someone from within showbiz. I won’t go public with a love relationship. I might even get married secretly one day.” In other words, no matter whom she’s dating, she will never admit it.

Source: Appledaily

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