Ady An confesses herself to be a technology dummy outer top, 6000 yuan; H&M t-shirt, 450 yuan; Pull & Bear fashion scarf, 700 yuan; Funny Powder jeans, 4000 yuan; LV boots, 5000 yuan.
It’s time to take a look into Ady An’s handbag. A much sought-out celebrity, she’s ordinarily known for being outspoken and straightforward. She may call herself a technology dummy, but her bag is full of some of the newest electronic devices, almost all of them gifts from friends. Unfortunately, she only knows how to operate the most basic functions, and laughing admitted that she doesn’t know how to use the grand majority of them, professing, “Electronic device fans would be enraged, seeing me use these devices like this!”

Yet, despite these words, even Ady An’s skincare is high-tech. She always carries around two skincare devices she brought, from all places, the airport, so she can use them any time. If she ever needs to whiten her skin or shrink her pores on the road, all she needs to do is grab her handy Talika Light. Ady An proudly said that it even was able to whiten a scar on her hand using this. If TALIKA ever needs an endorser, I’m sure they won’t have to look far.

Of course, she can’t miss the tool greatly loved by stars all over Taiwan—that infamous face-slimmer device. She proudly demonstrated how to use it, moving it along her chin.

The newest iPhone 4 shares a spot in Ady An’s bag, though she admitted she used it only to update her microblog and still trusts her much-used VERTU for actual calls. Another Apple product also lies in her possession—the popular iPad. Ady proclaimed that she, unfortunately, only knows how to go online, play games, and watch movies on it, which probably puts her on par with most iPad owners. However, she proudly added, “I paired it with a really pretty case!”

Let's take a look at what was in her bag...

The iPhone 4 was a gift from her manager, but she typically uses the VERTU for actual calls.

The Leica camera is a birthday gift from Anson Hu, costing 80,000 Yuan. The leather case is 6000 Yuan.

A friend gifted this iPad. The case was bought at Shilin night market for 3000 Yuan.

This Chanel bag is a birthday gift from this year.

Huang Xiao Ming gave her the Dolce&Gabbana purse 3 years ago. There were 8000 TWD inside.

The Talika light was bought for 9000 Yuan on an airplane.

T-shaped face slimmer, 7000 Yuan.

The BVLGARI watch is another birthday gift from this year, worth 110,000 Yuan.

Louis Vuitton ring, 9000 Yuan.

Louis Vuitton’s newest sunglasses, costing 25,000 Yuan.

A marriage charm her friend specially went to Mt. Fuyi to get for her.

Total worth: 293,150

Sources: Nextmedia

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