Aaron Yan plays dressup with his dogs

Many females would like to be held in the embrace of Aaron Yan, but the only one with that luck is his pair of dogs, "Mei Mei" and "Cookie." Aaron decided to buy the two new clothes for the upcoming Christmas parties.

When Aaron arrived at the pet store, he immediately spotted a pink angel wing for "Mei Mei" to put on her back and even asked the store manager, "Do you have angel halos?" "Cookie" who has just turned half-a-year old was put into a set of Christmas clothes with a matching red and green scarf with elk antlers. They were both extremely cute. Afterward, Aaron helped put wigs on them and select toys. Since "Cookie" likes to chew on the shoes of Aaron's mother, Aaron bought a high-heeled shoes chew toy for him. "Mei Mei" had on a Hermes style leash. "Cookie" looked very handsome in his suit while "Mei Mei" made Aaron laugh by running around on the floor in a white skirt, looking like a "runaway bride."

Even though one is female and one the male and neither are related, Aaron refuses to have the two "get married." Then again, the two of them didn't seem to close to Aaron either as they didn't exactly cooperate at all with him during the clothes process. According to Aaron, it's because he has been very busy with his schedules and his mother has been the one watching over them.

Source: Appledaily

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