Zhong Wu Yen ratings drop below 2%

We’ve heard all about how Sunday night idol dramas are struggling, but for the SETTV-produced “Zhong Wu Yen”* to drop below 2%, that’s pretty significant. The network has dominated in recent years thank to hits like “Fated to Love You” and “Autumn’s Concerto”. Their latest offering Zhong Wu Yen got off to a weak start and has never really recover since. It hit a new low last week with an average rating of 1.94%, which was still good enough for first place nevertheless. Fortunately, there is relief on the way as “Channel X” is scheduled to take over the time slot in December.

Second place finisher "Endless Love" improved to 1.28% last week. It is expected to end around the same time as Zhong Wu Yen, but interestingly, CTS will replace it with the first season of “Gossip Girl” rather than a local idol drama. The network hasn’t had a hit since “Hi My Sweetheart” so this might be a good move for them. Its competitor CTV got a surprisingly strong performance from “Detective Conan” back in September. Meanwhile, Korean drama “Personal Preference” has been having a consistent run over on FTV. It was slightly behind Endless Love last week with 1.26%, followed by “4 Gifts” at the bottom with 0.77%.

And here are some interesting numbers for the variety shows: "Mr. J Channel" got some good news as ratings improved on both the cable and free-to-air broadcasts. Last Saturday's episode featuring A-Mei and Jody Chiang scored 0.28% (from 0.26%) on Cti and 0.87% (from 0.78%) on CTV. The show which was moved to make way for Mr. J, “Guess Guess Guess”, dropped to its lowest ratings (0.68%) in recent memory. Its former host Jacky Wu must be smiling inside as the CTV show is doing even worse without him. His current variety “Power Sunday” (on CTS) also happened to beat CTV's “One Million Star” last week. The long-running singing competition will return with a revamped show this Sunday featuring special guest SHINee.

Some readers might be curious on how “Gloomy Salad Days” is doing. It is up against a very tough lineup on Saturday nights but ratings have steadily improved. Last week’s highest rated segment came in at 0.97%, and the overall average was said to be nearing 1% (no exact figures were available). The drama has performed well in the pre-teen market but not so with the 18 and over audience. "Gloomy Salad Days" is available in English subs from our sister site SUBlimes.

*SETTV-produced idol dramas air its first run on TTV on Sunday nights.

Source: Chinatimes, Libertytimes, PTS, image from TTV

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