Won Fu returns as Won Fu Junior

Last month, the folk band Won Fu announced that they were taking leave from the music scene, but they are immediately coming back as Won Fu Junior (Xiao Won Fu / 小旺福). The Juniors are set to release their very first rock-style chidren’s album titled, “飛向你飛向我” (roughly translates to Fly To You Fly To Me). The album title is also the same name as the classic hit song from 80’s idol singer YoYo (Jin Rui-Yao). Won Fu explained that they really liked the classic and even borrowed the line of lyrics for their new song.

Just several days ago, Won Fu Junior were filming their new MV together with sixty children. Won Fu tried their best to keep the kids under control and cooperate with the filming by playing games with them. In the MV, the Won Fu members also transform into animated chibi versions of themselves to bravely overcome obstacles and defeat an evil dragon.

Source: LibertyTimes, NOWnews / Video: TyphoonGroup

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