With Taiwanese idol dramas losing female leads, Amber Kuo becoming hottest pick with producers

Following Rainie Yang's recent win for Best Leading Actress in a Television Series in the 2010 Golden Bell Awards from her lead role in "Hi My Sweetheart", the actress has opened up a new chapter in her career for expanding beyond her image as an idol. Yet with Taiwan's most recent wave of idol dramas hitting a huge ratings slump, producers are trying to cash in on new faces to help draw audiences back with fresh content. One of the hottest picks that producers hope will lead the comeback for idol dramas is actress Amber Kuo, whose flashes of acting excellence and raving reviews of her raw innocence from her work in "The Happy Times of That Year" landed her as one of the finalists for the same award eventually won out by Rainie.

Moreover, Amber's clean and cute personality has producers describing her as the perfect fit to represent the next generation of Taiwanese idol dramas. According to Wang Pei-hua, the producer for currently-airing drama "The Fierce Wife", Amber not only possesses the look, but also has that raw emotional feel. "Her acting has an emotional touch, not one that is casually faked." Senior producer Ke Yi-qin of "Down with Love" chimed in with her own comments by saying, "She doesn't have a menacing appearance, and everyone from all walks of like can like her. She has a unique temperament."

(L-R) Amber Guo of "Channel X", Amanda Zhu of "Autumn's Concerto

One producer who worked with Amber when she was the lead actress for 2008 idol drama "Woody Sambo" stated that the idol drama industry is currently locking in on Amber for future idol dramas. The producer praised the industry's currently most popular actress pick for her intelligent acting and for having a special emotion not limited by just her cute outer appearance. Producer Wang Pei-hua did state that Amber has problems with speaking her lines, but that as she progresses in her acting development, that her maturity will remedy that.

Another rising actress attracting the attention of producers is Amanda Zhu, whom had a minor role in 2009's hugely successful idol drama "Autumn's Concerto". Having studied French at Tamkang University, one of Taiwan's most prestigious private universities, the actress is also viewed for her sexy figure as she sports an E-cup. Producer Wang Pei-hua stated that Amanda has both the figure and the brains, and also added, "She is an introvert, but once you connect with her, she knows how to act." Veteran producer Jeff Liao of "Bull Fighting" also said that while Amanda possesses both beauty and acting skills, she might not be accepted by audiences since they could assume that she is just the glamorous actress type.

(L-R) Jian Man-shu of "The Year of the Rain, Lin Chen-xi of "Gloomy Salad Days"

Actress Jian Man-shu, who also broke into the Golden Bell Awards as a finalist and vied for the same award as Rainie and Amber, is another talent garnering interest from producers for her acting work this year in Van ness Wu-produced drama "Year of the Rain". Her personality has specifically stoked the interest of producer Ke Yi-qin, whom hopes to cast her in a new drama. The actress, who is currently studying at Taipei National University of the Arts and majoring in directing, has drawn comparisons by Ke Yi-qin to her way of thinking, and has stated, "She's not that beautiful, but she can make a memorable impression to audiences. Young people will like her." Of all the new wave of actresses, Ke Yi-qin stated that she was most impressed with Jian Man-shu.

In addition, rising actress Lin Chen-xi -- who collaborated with fellow Taiwanese actress Guey Lun-mei of Jay Chou-directed "Secret" fame -- caught the attention of producers as the next huge star when she took part in the latest idol drama "Gloomy Salad Days". Wang Pei-hua believes that Lin Chen-xi has character, and in the future can make it big in the international circuit, but suggests that the rising actress be more feminine before she can become even more popular.

Source: UDN

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