Whopping 30-minute preview for Mike He and Janine Chang's upcoming drama "Sunny Happiness"!

One of our wonderful readers who goes by the name drama (to the point!) gave a nice heads-up on an even longer preview of Mike He and Janine Chang's upcoming drama Sunny Happiness. Much like Show Luo and Rainie Yang drama Hi My Sweetheart, the production costs of Sunny Happiness have financial backing by mainland Chinese investors, so expect some decent production values from filming in both Chinese and Taiwanese locales. And check that out, Ming Dao even makes a cameo appearance in the drama based on the previews!

From the previews provided, it looks like the personality of Mike's character is similar to characters that he took on in previous dramas such as Devil Beside You. Janine's character, on the other hand, contrasts very differently from the more serious and subdued ones such as in Black & White, as she seems to have more emotional range than in her previous roles.

Whatever the case, this 30-minute preview should whet the appetites of both Mike He and Janine Chang fans until the drama gets broadcast. And unlike Mike's previous drama Calling for Love, Sunny Happiness won't be delayed for many months and thus will get a near-future release date. It's true, because it's in Mike's contract!

I do agree with fellow CpopAccess staff member ahmee that after watching the preview, it feels like we've seen the entire drama already.  But maybe the whole drama will be much more exciting when fleshed out.  Anyway, enjoy the previews, courtesy of MikeHoFanSub!

Sunny Happiness 30-minute Preview (1/4):

Sunny Happiness 30-minute Preview (2/4):

Sunny Happiness 30-minute Preview (3/4):

Sunny Happiness 30-minute Preview (4/4):

Source: MikeHoFanSub (YouTube | Home Page)

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