Weibird Wei gets ready to begin military service

After debuting only six months ago, singer-songwriter Weibird Wei will begin his military duty on November 22. He has been selected as the lead vocalist for the military band to promote anti-drugs along with guitarist and Sodagreen member A-Fu. Anxious to fulfill his military service, Weibird proudly exclaimed that his head shape is perfect and is not afraid of shaving his head. He once said that after he finishes his military service, he would move to do behind the scenes work, which upset many fans; He laughed that since he is still under contract (as a singer) right now, going to fulfill his military duties simply equals to “leave without pay.” However, he expressed that he would still like to go abroad to learn more about recording and producing music in the future.

Weibird went on his good friend DJ Calvin’s POP Radio show. Other than sharing his experience from being in the military, Calvin also gave him “five treasures” to send him off: Chinese pain relief medicine, paper underwear, stainless steel chopsticks, disposable razors, and a photobook of Angela Chang. Upon seeing the photobook of his senior and labelmate, Weibird laughed in embarrassment, but Calvin quickly clarified, “Don’t get this wrong! This is for you to share and get to know others, not for you to enjoy yourself.”

Check out the video below to hear Lala Hsu, Lin Yu-Zhong, and Weibird's new rendition of the nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had a Farm:

Source: LibertyTimes

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