Weekly ratings recap

The Fierce Wife” turned out to be not so fierce after all. Sonia Sui faced off against her real-life boyfriend Yao Yun Hao (pictured on the right) in the ratings battle last Friday. Yao’s “Rookies’ Diary” rolled over the competition as expected. Despite being in a bit of a slump lately, “Rookies” scored an impressive 9.85% with its latest episode. “Wife” averaged 1.07% and was criticized for its overused theme. Some netizens also thought the interaction between Sonia Sui and costar James Wen wasn't as interesting as their previous drama “The Year of Happiness and Love”.

In case if you missed our Jay Chou article earlier, his first variety-gig “Mr. J Channel” debuted with 0.78% on CTV. The same episode was aired on the Cti cable network two hours earlier which drew an average of 0.26%. Jay Chou’s one-time mentor Jacky Wu showed his support and said the show still needs time to grow. However, in true “Local King” style, he added that his pupil's “hosting ability is not even one tenth of mine.” Interestingly, Jacky Wu was interviewed at the 54th Asian Pacific Film Festival press conference in which Jay Chou's ex Patty Hou was also present. When asked for their thoughts on Mr. J, both said they have yet to watch the show.

Last but not least, the Sunday night idol dramas continued their never-ending struggle. Similar to previous weeks, “Zhong Wu Yen” remained in first place (2.42%), followed by “Personal Preference” (1.23%), “Endless Love” (0.98%) and “4 Gifts” (0.83%).

 Source: Chinatimes, Libertytimes

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