Wakin Chau celebrates Rock Records’ 30th anniversary with epic fall

He came, he sang, he fell. Rock Records celebrated its 30th anniversary with two nights of concert at the Taipei Arena last weekend. Over 60 artistes performed at the double-concert including Mayday, Wubai & China Blue, Richie Jen and Rene Liu. Rock Records veteran Wakin (Emil) Chau had a scary fall at the end of the first night. He was taking pictures and walking backwards before losing his footing at the edge of the 1.5 M stage. Luckily, several staff members caught him in time so he only suffered a few bruises. Chau visited his massage therapist on the next day who also confirmed he didn’t receive any serious injuries. He laughed, “I don’t need to retire yet! Thank you for everyone’s concern.” Despite that, Rock Records sent their staff to keep a close eye on him during the second night of concert.

Other highlights from the show included Karen Mok revealing her sparkly black bra, as well as Fish Leong performing the Sarah Chen classic “Red Dust”. Many from the media thought the folk singers segment would get a cold reception from the audience. Much to their surprise, the performance which included singer Lee Chien Fu (Leehom Wang’s uncle) turned out to be a fan favorite. Since most in audience were over 30, Genie Chuo’s youthful songs weren't exactly their cup of tea and got the coldest reception of the night.

And This one...
Warning: Not for the Faint of Heart!

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Nownews, UDN
(Special thanks to Fufu for assistance with "The Fall".)

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