Tsumabuki Satoshi visits Taiwan for 22 hours to promote Akunin

Japanese actor Tsumabuki Satoshi (妻夫木聰) was in Taiwan on the 9th to promote his latest movie “Akunin” at the Golden Horse Film Festival. Although the trip only lasted for 22 hours, it was actually his second visit to Taipei this year. The previous was in March when he took a vacation with over a hundred Japanese fans. Tsumabuki kept a low-profile throughout the trip so the local media didn’t find out until after he had left. He arrived at the Songshan Airport on Tuesday afternoon, but since it was a regular work/school day, he was greeted by more reporters than fans.

In the evening, Tsumabuki Satoshi attended a press conference to introduce his film. 2010 Golden Horse Board President Hou Hsiao Hsien welcomed him with a bottle of 58 degrees aged Gaoliang (liquor). When asked if he would dare to try it, Tsumabuki laughed and said, “Yes!” Hou also announced that the actor will be playing a key role in his upcoming movie “聶隱娘 (Nie Yinniang)”. Tsumabuki said it has been his dream to work with the awarding-winning director. Nie Yinniang is set to begin filming next year; it also stars Shu Qi and Chang Chen.

In Akunin, Tsumabuki Satoshi plays a lonely and alienated construction worker. The actor said his character’s personality is the complete opposite from his own. He has never dyed his hair blond or knew about modifying cars prior to taking on the role . Over the filming period, he could tell that people were looking at him as if he was a juvenile delinquent. He said he feels reborn after completing Akunin, and hopes that after his 30th birthday next month, he can live even more freely and with a broader vision.

Source: Appledaily, CNA, Nownews, UDN

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