TANK holds concert and Jiro shows some skin

As previously reported, TANK held his mini concert this past Friday night. With TANK singing 17 of his rearranged songs, the concert was filled with touching and humorous moments, making the night quite a success.

Jiro, being the special guest, came in an outfit he purchased from Japan in order to tease the fans. Holding out on the fans, he proceeded to ask TANK, "I will be your Juliet, alright?" before launching into a duet with TANK singing "Julia" (Original by Leehom Wang). It wasn't until Jiro sang his "Poker Face" solo that he gave fans the full view of his revealing outfit.

In addition to his good friend, Jiro, being on stage with him, TANK also invited his mother to come watch in the audience. For the opening, TANK chose to dedicate "If I Become A Memory 如果我變成回憶" to his sister in Heaven. Choking back tears, he then dedicated "No One Else But You 非你莫屬" to his mother, barely being able to say, "Thank you for taking care of me, for taking me to guitar lessons when I was small." Together with the audience, he sang the rearrangement he was most pleased with to his mother, ending with a touching "I Love You".

TANK - "If I Become A Memory 如果我變成回憶"

TANK & Jiro - "Julia"

Jiro - "Poker Face"

Jiro - "Freedom 自由"

TANK - "No One Else But You + Love is Very Simple 非你莫屬+愛很簡單"

For more of TANK's concert performances, check out the HD videos from kkgkk22 on Youtube.

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