[Updated] TANK getting back on his feet with concert

It's been awhile since we've heard anything from once popular singer, TANK. And it's no wonder, since his company, HIM, has been spending most of their efforts promoting their newest coveted star, Anthony Neely. But TANK will be finally coming back into the music scene with a warmup concert at "The Wall" in Kungkuan this Friday night.

After Tank's life and death bout with heart disease, he released his third album in May of last year called "The Third Round 第三回合". However, Tank's fan base took a hit due to the long wait between his 2nd and 3rd album and the several scandals that plagued him. This year, he has no new album and his activities have decreased. With no sources of income, he went into quite a depressed state. His Facebook was littered with seemingly resentful posts such as, "Must stand up again after losing. It is time to stand up again." "Get over the bad and treasure the good a bit more." "For the dreams left and right, [I] have become a puppet with no choices." "Enjoy that bit of glory, I won't bother you now."

HIM has responded that they were not giving the cold shoulder to TANK -- It was only that the music scene was not too well and everyone had tried their best. The company still has plans drawn for him, hence the concert. TANK is getting back onto his feet again and is earnestly composing music and preparing for a collaboration with Jiro Wang on Friday night at his concert.

Though gone are the days of him being touted as the "golden boy" of the company, TANK will gather up his strength to fight back and hopefully succeed.


TANK has dissolved the rumors about HIM giving him the cold shoulder by stating, "The company has its own difficulties. I respect the company's decisions since there are so many outstanding new stars."

For this Friday, along with singing new arrangements for 17 of his songs, TANK and his guest, Jiro, will be doing a duet of "Bastard vs. Juliet 王八蛋vs茱麗". Jiro will also be singing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".

Sources: UDN, Appledaily

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