Super Junior KRY arrives in Taiwan in the midst of anti-Korea sentiments

Talk about bad timing… It looks like the Korean wave in Taiwan has just gone from one extreme to another. This past Wednesday, Taiwanese taekwondo athlete and Olympic Bronze medalist Yang Shu Chun was controversially disqualified at the 2010 Asian Games. Some Taiwanese celebrities and netizens announced they would boycott of all things Korean as a result of the decision. Popular groups like Super Junior and Girl’s Generation immediately became targets for expressing their anger on the Internet.

Just as anti-Korea sentiments hit an all-time high, Super Junior KRY arrived in Taipei on Friday for two concert dates this weekend. Tickets were sold out well in advance, and despite the controversy, nearly 400 fans showed up to give them a warm welcome. Concert organizers were initially worried of possible protesters. To ensure the safety of their visitors, they hired 10 additional security guards as well as 50 student-workers to escort out them of the airport.

Many fans actually expressed their support for Yang Shu Chun but stressed that politics and entertainment are separate matters. They greeted the idols with their usual deafening screams, and the scene remained orderly without any incidents. The members enjoyed dinner at their hotel before heading over to the NTU Sportscenter for rehearsals.  KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung) and their two guests (Donghae and Sungmin) will hold two consecutive shows starting on Saturday and return to Korea on Monday afternoon.

We didn’t forget about’s just that we’ve had a busy week; here are some highlights from their trip:

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN, video from 5uJu's Channel

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