Random Updates (#1): Weekly Features and Mandopop Fan Network

Greetings, wonderful readers! The proposed plan is for our site to do weekly announcements every Monday to update you guys on how things are here and to share some cool things we hope to do in the near future. In the past, we did Site Announcements sporadically, but we'll be experimenting on the idea of having them on a weekly basis in order to fine-tune your experience here. If it works, we'll make it a keeper. :D

Announcement #1: Mandopop Fan Network

If you frequent the English-based K-pop and J-pop entertainment sites, you may have come across their community's fan networks. These fan networks are basically affiliated communities -- in the form of fan clubs -- that are associated with specific celebrities. Since general entertainment sites cater to casual fans of celebrities in general, and since online fan clubs cater to dedicated fans of a specific celebrity, fan networks provide a helpful bridge for both types to benefit from the best of both worlds.

Currently though, there's not really an established fan network setup for the Mandopop community, and we hope to partly remedy that by setting up a fan network on our site. We're currently trying to communicate with online fan clubs in order to affiliate with them, and we are definitely open to suggestions of what celebrities and/or fan clubs would be a good fit to establish a fan network. Feel free to give us some feedback about this below this post!

Here's a funny picture of Andy Lau from Future X-Cops.  Please don't watch this movie.

Announcement #2: Weekly Features

Our site primarily posts Mandopop entertainment news and drama recaps, as well as release subtitled versions of Taiwanese dramas over at our sister site SUBlimes, but there's been a lack of weekly feature content that's prevalent with our counterparts over in the K-pop and J-pop communities. So one of the things we are currently trying out is working in some weekly features of our own. So far, you guys have already experienced a few of our weekly features firsthand, but here's a list of our current feature lineup that we're trying out:
  • Site Announcement (Mondays): Public announcements regarding site updates and near-future plans.
  • Singer Showdown (Tuesdays): Feature on singers that sing the same song, with discussion and poll of which singer had the best version.
  • News Nibbles (Wednesday): For news that we missed out in full-coverage form, we present them instead in bite-sized form.
  • Random Chat (Fridays): An open thread post for people to randomly comment on.
  • Pauli's Corner (Saturdays): An editorial on the recent on-going events in the Mandopop entertainment world.
If you're wondering why there's no feature for Thursdays and Sundays, there's no particular reason. Maybe it's laziness. Who knows?  Suggestions are welcome!

That should do it for this week's Site Announcement! We'll update you guys again next week!

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