Singer Showdown (#2): Hsiao Hung-jen vs. Lala Hsu for "On a White Horse"

Since last week's edition of Singer Showdown had such a great response, looks like we'll be keeping it as a weekly feature.  Thanks for taking part in the previous Singer Showdown's discussion and poll!  Now before we dive right in to this week's Singer Showdown, let's recap the results of last week's showdown featuring Claire Kuo, Bae Fong, and JJ Lin for the song "Heart's Wall".

Winner: JJ Lin!

With over two-thirds of the votes, the winner of last week's of Singer Showdown is JJ by a large margin, followed by Claire and then Bae.  Surprisingly enough, JJ's version garnered the most votes despite only singing a short live preview and with his probable version not out for at least several weeks.  The love for JJ is strong within the Mandopop community...

Anyway, for this week's showdown edition, we first note that with JJ Lin's upcoming album featuring an assortment of female song covers, this would be a wonderful week to once again feature a showdown of JJ singing a song also sung by a female singer. We're going to instead ignore JJ this week and focus on two different singers that you guys might not be familiar with.  It's good to find out about new artists anyway.

The two singers in this case are also noted songwriters, specifically Hsiao Hung-jen and Lala Hsu. Besides their shared background as songwriters and relatively recent newcomer statuses, they also gave their own renditions of an older song translated roughly as "On a White Horse". Despite covering the same song though, the styles that they sang this song are surprisingly distinct to each other's and to the original.  You can notice right away when a small portion of the original is played in the start of Hung-jun's MV.

Well, there you have it. Go forth, enjoy the songs, and vote on your preference! And as an added bonus, we also included a techno rock opera version for your listening pleasure. Seriously.

Whose version of "On a White Horse" do you prefer?

Hsiao Hung-jen's version:

Lala Hsu's version:

Techno rock opera version (seriously):

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