Singer Showdown (#1): Claire Kuo vs. Bae Fong vs. JJ Lin for "Heart's Wall"

Well, it's been over half a year since we last did a fun little feature, asking you readers to vote on which song version you preferred that was sung by multiple singers.  With the upcoming release of JJ Lin's album "She Says", covering songs that he wrote for other female singers, it seemed like a wonderful time to bring this feature back into the light.  This feature shall be called Singer Showdown, which will not hopefully with engage people in discussing the merits of why they prefer one song over another, but also bring attention to some great music.

If you've been reading up on our Random Chat! feature, you may already know that we featured the song "Heart's Wall" in our Song of the Week section.  We're bringing up this song once again to see which released version tingles your ear buds the best.  Just to emphasize how much people like this song, not only did JJ did a short rendition that has a pretty decent chance of appearing on his upcoming album (just a prediction though!), but what's not as well known was that the song was also professionally covered by another singer named Bae Fong!

This song is a huge favorite to many already familiar with the song, and the beauty is that these three versions are excellent in their own rights.   And when there's multiple versions of a great thing, that's just even better!  So let's get right to the question: which version of "Heart's Wall" do you prefer?  The enormously popular version by Claire Kuo, the amazing underappreciated gem by Bae Fong, or the hugely anticipated iteration by JJ Lin?  Vote now and have fun discussing!

Whose version of "Heart's Wall" do you prefer?

Claire Kuo's version:

Bae Fong's version:

JJ Lin's rendition:

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