Show Luo becomes an author and gets some motherly advice

Show Luo will be releasing a book during the Christmas season, titled “LOgic” (羅輯課 lit. “Logic Class”). He’s known for having a very open mother; she, despite her barely elementary school education and being forced at 8 to leave her home and work in the streets, has lived a life full of rich experiences. This book is about 24 street smarts she taught her son. To Show, though his mother has never been able to read many books, “She’s taught me more than any encyclopedia ever could.” Luo Mama (as she is known) joined a drug stand* at 14 and depended on her solid Aborigine voice to support herself. She traveled all over Taiwan to perform and was both the group’s pillar and comedian, until she was 20. Then, in Keelung, she fell in love with and married Luo Ba (Show’s father).

Nowadays, Show is a popular Asian star. Fifteen years ago, he had also been popular and welcomed by the masses, only to quickly fall to the very bottom where he was criticized and belittled as a failure. His story of never giving up and rising to the point he is at now, has become a common legend in the public. Yet, few know that his most admired qualities – hard work, courage, optimism, and filial piety – all come from his mother.

In his book, he wrote in Taiwanese, “Hou lang zai ni jia shen me mi (Let others know what rice you eat).” It’s the first lesson he learned from his mom as a child, that a hero is neither ashamed nor afraid of his background no matter how lowly it is. Show remembers his 7th birthday, when he had wanted to invite classmates over to celebrate but was afraid that they would see how poor his family truly was. It was then Luo Ma had told him, “If you want people to respect you, you cannot lack confidence like this.”

It’s a book about Show Luo’s childhood to adult hood with stories his mother told him on the streets, a handbook from Show Luo for youths on how to climb higher and higher on the hill of life, a book that parents can give their children that’s a bedside reference book without the nagging. This is a book on career, family, love, and friendship with principles from Show Luo’s mom that are so simple, yet deeply meaningful, that have formed his own mindset of all he has done and how he should act in life.

The publishing house is optimistic about Show’s popularity and estimates a sales volume of at least 100,000 copies. Though the book is not yet on sale, they’ve already paid him ten million (TWD) in royalties.

*A local group of performers, who often perform on the streets or are hired at events

Sources: Nextmedia, ilovesuper blog

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