SHINee says hello to 100% Entertainment

Appearing in their full leopard-wear, SHINee interacted with their Taiwanese fans on the variety show, 100% Entertainment. They started things off by performing “Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay)”. During their introductions, host Butterfly helped Key wipe off some sweat with a towel and then threw the towel to the fans.

Show Luo thought he had a fan who was displaying his name on her ipad, but he was mistaken as the text scrolled further to say, "Show Luo, tell Lee Taemin to look at me!"

Five lucky fans got to interact with the SHINee members under different made-up scenarios. It was just Minho’s luck that he had to act out Show’s lamest scenario: “SHINee member says Hello to fan and gives a sweet smile to melt the fan’s heart.” While Minho tried his best, it was just too hard to resist from laughing upon hearing…”Hello~”.

Hello~ <3

Key taught his fan some Korean, and Show and Butterfly also took the opportunity to ask Key to teach them a few handy phrases. Key taught Butterfly how to bargain by saying, “Can you give me a lower price,” accompanied with facial expression. Show asked Key to teach him how to say, “My Goddess,” and “You are too beautiful," and as we can all guess, was meant to be said as a complete phrase.

Left: Key scared his fan a bit with his fierce expression / 
Right: Show learned how to say, "My Goddess, you are too beautiful," for future use.

Taemin taught his fan how to dance to "Lucifer" while Jonghyun sang in front of his fan – although we don't know why Jonghyun’s fan was in a tiger costume… 

Left: Taemin teaching signature move from Lucifer / Right: Jonghyun singing to the tiger fan.

Onew's fan was blindfolded and had to guess which of the three candidates was the real Onew. Show schemed with the others to prank the fan into believing that he was Onew.

He succeeds every time.

In addition to interacting with the fans, Taemin and Key gave special dance performances. Show and Butterfly were amazed by Taemin's dance especially after hearing that he had only been practicing dancing for five years. Key paid a tribute to SNSD by dancing to their newest single, “Hoot”.

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Fans can look forward to SHINee's performance on One Million Star next Sunday:

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