SHINee in Taiwan: Taiwanese fans complimented by Onew's Taiwanese, also give huge support to Jonghyun

Yesterday, popular South Korean boy band SHINee held a fan meet-and-greet with their Taiwanese fans to show their appreciation to their huge fanbase in Taiwan, and during the course of the group's fan service, SHINee's leader Onew followed the tradition of previous visiting South Korean music groups and showed their respect to their hosts' distinct culture by speaking words in Taiwanese.  Unlike Super Junior-M's Kyunhyun, who uttered "I'm hungry!" in Taiwanese to the  fans when they visited last year, Onew opted for the romantic angle by praising their fans with "You're beautiful!" in Taiwanese.

During the course of their fan meet-and-greet, the members of SHINee also gave away original SHINee clothing gear that consisted of jackets and tees.  As a female fan in the gathering donned a jacket that she recently received from SHINee's Taemin, her response overjoyed Taemin as the SHINee member happily responded with "Too cool!"  The members of SHINee later came together on stage to perform their hit song "Ring Ding Dong" to their fans, but since member Jonghyun injured his foot from the group's performance in Indonesia approximately three weeks prior, he sat out the dancing on the comforts of a chair while he sang.

In addition, since news broke out of Jonghyun dating South Korean movie star Shin Se-kyung, a portion of his South Korean fans could not cope with the news and shut down some of his online fanclubs.  News of the actions caused by these fans had negatively affected the mood of Jonghyun, but the Taiwanese fans responded to the dating news by holding up signs that said, "Jonghyun, We Will Protect You!"  Upon seeing the signs, Jonghyun was moved to tears, which latered moved the audience to tears as well.  Jonghyun was also emotionally moved to tears when fellow group member Key discussed how the group's song "Hello" was a song of confessing one's love.

The members of SHINee are also preparing themselves for other performances throughout the rest of their Taiwan trip, such as SHINee leader Onew getting set to test his Chinese abilities by performing Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou's song "Silence", before wrapping up their trip with a visit to popular Taiwanese talent show program "One Million Star".

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Source: The Liberty Times / Video: sugoimtv3

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