SHINee avoids questions of Jonghyun's recent romance in favor of yummy Taiwanese snacks

Popular South Korean boy band SHINee recently touched down for their third visit in Taiwan since their debut, but due to the recent news whirlwind of SHINee's own Jonghyun dating South Korean movie actress Shin Se-kyung, the members of the pop group avoided taking questions from the media. Instead, the five guys of SHINee shifted their attention to one of their favorite things about Taiwan: their famous snacks. The group spent a significant portion of their press conference discussing their love for Taiwanese snacks such as bubble tea and Taiwanese-style steamed dumplings, while also noting that they considered Taiwan to be their "snack heaven".

SM Entertainment, the music label responsible for handling SHINee's everyday activities, made it distinctly clear to the media prior to their arrival in Taiwan that the sensitive issue of Jonghyun's recent romantic developments with a movie actress stay off-limits. So instead, the rest of the press conference also consisted of discussions behind the group's latest song "Hello". When SHINee's popular member Key revealed that the song is about a tender love confession, the romantically-involved Jonghyun couldn't help but break into a smile.

Furthermore, the five guys of SHINee excitedly made it known to everyone present for their latest visit to Taiwan that they would "scarf down on culinary delights such as steamed dumplings, bubble tea, and Taiwanese intestine rice noodle soup." As for foreigners of Taiwan keeping their distance from traditional Taiwanese snacks such as stinky tofu and Taiwanese-style black pudding (pig's blood cake), they laughed and said, "If it's from our fans, we're willing to eat it."

In other news, SHINee's fellow labelmates Super Junior will also make a trip to Taiwan next year for their own activities. Not much details regarding their trip are known, but the trip will most likely closely follow their last visit that included a music concert and promotions on Taiwan's highly-watched variety programs seen by many throughout the Mandarin-speaking sphere.

Source: The Liberty Times

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