Reen Yu, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen's "Love Buffet" open for business with new previews

Upcoming GTV idol drama Love Buffet sure had quite an adventure in getting produced before getting its chance to see the light of day by television audiences. Originally slated to take over the completion of Jerry Yan and Ella Chen's successful idol drama Down with Love, the upcoming drama encountered not only production delays from its set being destroyed from Typhoon Morakta back in August 2009, but also scene re-shoots due to previous lead actress and fan favorite Joanne Zeng (Magicians of Love) getting replaced by current lead actress and rising stock Reen Yu Hong Yuan (Black & White).

Fahrenheit fans that have waited patiently for lead actors Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen to show up once again on the small screen can rest assured though that their buffet of love will be open for business soon, especially since GTV has recently released new promotional teasers that gave a hard broadcast date of December 19th. The Taiwanese live-action adaptation of Japanese manga Parfait Tic probably comes at a good time when rival stations are on a ratings downturn, but questions remain as to whether it will eventually soar like fellow GTV successes Down with Love and Hi My Sweetheart, or crash like GTV failures Momo Love and ToGetHer.

Preview 1:

Preview 2:

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