Real man Van Ness bleeds for stylish eyewear commercial

It’s not every day that we would see an action style eyewear commercial. Van Ness Wu, who recently signed with Universal Music, received a 7-digit paycheck to film the action commercial. The advertisers decided to veer away from the usual portrayal of a geeky-looking star selling glasses. Instead, Van Ness was to handsomely beat some steel barrels with rocks wrapped in cloths to form manly drum beats. But due to Van Ness’s strong beats, a rock hit Van Ness right in the head as it bounced off of the barrel. To everyone’s surprise, he started bleeding, so he was taken to a nearby clinic right away.

When the doctor came to see him, he advised, “We will need to shave his head.” Van Ness’s surprised manager immediately halted the attempt, “Wait, we need to find a hairstylist.” Thus, a hairstylist was called to help Van Ness to professionally cut off the hair near his wound to reveal a 3-centimeter cut in the shape of the Chinese character, “入” (lit. to enter, ‘ru’). The doctor helped Van Ness stop the bleeding temporarily to let him go back to filming, but his head continued to bleed again during the shoot.

He went back to the clinic after work; no stitches were necessary, but Van Ness was advised to avoid strenuous exercises. Fortunately, Van Ness hadn’t felt any other discomfort and resumed work the following day.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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