Random Updates (#2): Celebrity Correspondents and Music Reviewers

Greetings for the second week of Random Updates (formerly called Site Announcements). Here's some new stuff to update you guys on the state of the site.

Update #1: Celebrity Correspondents

In last week's updates, our staff toyed with the idea behind a fan network, which was a network that allowed existing Mandopop celebrity fan clubs to communicate news of their celebrities to a more casual fanbase found on Mandopop entertainment sites like ours.  As it turns out, while there's some strong fan clubs for celebrities such as Chang Yun-jing and Show Luo, Mandopop celebrity fan clubs as a whole seemed too fragmented for developing a cohesive Mandopop fan network.

Some of you have suggested for us to host our own forum. We have reviewed the idea numerous times throughout the year and our staff feels that a forum would divert too much attention away from our main blog site. We won't rule it out as a future extension, but for now, we will continue to build on our existing blog.

Instead, we're now toying with the idea of celebrity correspondents; these correspondents would basically serve as keeping an eye out on news of a popular celebrity and reporting that news about them on the site.  For example, a correspondent assigned to cover Rainie Yang fan would then post interesting news about her.  The benefits of a celebrity correspondent would be that it would allow the person to promote news on their favorite celebrities to readers that may have an interest in that celebrity, but whom may have a more passive stance on getting the latest updates on them.

We already have several staff members that specialize on covering news for several celebrities, but with so much news on so many celebrities in the Mandopop entertainment world, more dedicated correspondents would sweeten the pot even more.

Update #2: Music Reviewers

The majority of the news covered on our site so far has been biasing towards drama news lately, and while the site does cover music to some extent, there is still room for improvement in expanding music coverage.  To remedy that, our other idea that we've been toying with is having reviewers that cover the latest music videos, albums, and songs in the Mandopop music field. Our staff has lightly dabbled in making posts similar to what is described above, but it's been more of an occasional feature than a concrete addition to the site, so we hope that we can possibly remedy that soon.

That should do it for this week's Random Update!  Stay zesty, super readers!

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