Random Chat (#7)

Ah, a great week for Random Chat, am I right? This is Pauli, taking on this week's edition from the lovely Zahra, who wrote last week's edition. As such, I get to pick the song of the week and also rant for a bit. Ah, it's good to have dibs. :D

Anyway, belated Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers out there! Hope you had some zesty turkey carvings to dance in your tummies. And to our non-American readers who are not familiar with Thanksgiving, think of it as a holiday to give thanks to friends and families while feasting on wonderful food. So kind of like Chinese New Year.

All right, now on to my favorite part of Random Chat...Song of the Week! For this week, I'm going with Show Luo's "Do You Dare", an old-school Show song back when he mostly did covers. It also happens to be a cover of one of my favorite K-pop songs, but I digress. This really is one of those lesser known Show songs out there, especially for newer fans of Mandopop, but it captures that classic late 90s and early 2000s pop sound that we rarely hear nowadays. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I had (and still do!).

Otay, that's it for my random rant on Random Chat. Now go forth and bust out your comments (but keep it clean as usual)!

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