Random Chat (#5)

Another week, another edition of...Random Chat! Joe Cheng tries to avoid the "gay" label, JJ Lin and his new upcoming album with an awesome concept, news on "Fated to Love You" spin-off? Looks like another great week of Mandopop entertainment news, right?

Winners of the One-Year Anniversary Contests!

It's already been a week, and now is time to announce the winners of our One-Year Anniversary Contests!  We had some great entries, but unfortunately we can only choose one winner per contest.  Much thanks to everyone that submitted their entries, and we appreciate the wonderful entries given to us.  Our crew here at CpopAccess.com are truly fortunate to have awesome readers.  Now onto the contest winners!

Contest #1:

We had some really great entries for the first contest, and reading your writing entries touched our hearts, made us smile, or got us cracking up.  In the end though, we selected baozhu after obtaining the most votes from a a round of voting  from our staff.  Enjoy the winning writing entry below!

Mandopop is my chicken soup for the soul, from the poetic lyrics to the beautiful resonating strings of an erhu, no other music genre can imitate the rich sounds of Chinese music. My love for Mandopop is not a “Simple Love”, I owe it for enriching my life. I am inspired by the mystical melodies and the meaning behind lyrics. No other music has a language as ancient as Mandarin, the tones give emphasis to the music and makes it unique, it’s impossible to get the “Same Kind of Tune”. Everyone around me seems to have forgotten about the distinct qualities of Mandopop, I am “Besieged From All Sides” with the ever so popular Kpop, even I myself have succumbed to its catchy beats and flashy dance moves that amaze the senses. However, Mandopop will forever remain my “Still Fantasy”. If you haven’t noticed yet, my favourite artist is Jay Chou, Asia’s Heavenly King whose music will remain timeless for eternity.

Contest #2:
Katie C.

Today's image of epic win above comes courtesy from awesome reader Katie C., whom submitted the winning Photoshop entry for one of our contests for our One-Year Anniversary Contests! There's simply no word worthy enough to describe its awesomeness factor, and for that we feature it as our featured image for this week's Random Chat!

Contest #3:
Christy H.

From over 500 followers on Twitter and over 1,000 fans on Facebook, our random drawing yielded none other than Christy H. from our Facebook account!  Much thanks to our readers on Twitter and Facebook for following us!

For the winners of the contest, please contact us at cpopaccess[at] gmail.com for more details on how to redeem your prize!

Rant of the Week:
Happy Birthday, Zahra!

*gasp* One of our senior staff members of our site has a birthday today?  Why, it's none other than Zahra!  As one of the founding members of our site, Zahra has done many amazing things for our site.  When she's not submitting the latest news in the Mandopop entertainment world, she's cranking out the slick layouts that you see before you!  The new Fahrenheit-based layout that we rolled out?  Yep, all Zahra.  Everyone wish Zahra a happy birthday!

Song of the Week:
Claire Kuo's "Heart's Wall"

With JJ Lin's upcoming album coming out, one of the songs that might be there is a ballad he wrote for Claire Kuo called "Heart's Wall".  A favorite of many Mandopop fans, including JJ, now seems like a great moment to highlight this song.  And for those of you who missed out on "Meteor Garden" or any version of "Hana Yori Dango", you can get the three-minute version of it in Claire's MV!

Claire Kuo's version

JJ Lin's version

That should do it for this week's edition of Random Chat!  Now go forth and post random comments (but keep them clean)!

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