Random Chat (#4)

Welcome to another edition of Random Chat!, where you're free to chat at random (keep it clean though!).  This is the first Random Chat! following our recent site layout revamp, and it looks like this new design shaped up very nicely.  Mad props to our staff member Zahra for her mad coding skills!  In addition, we're getting some wonderful new followers on our Twitter account and outstanding new fans on our Facebook account.  If you haven't joined us on those accounts yet, feel free to dive right in!

Korean actresses in Taiwanese dramas

So one of the hottest topic buzz around the Mandopop scene for the past couple of weeks is the casting of Korean actresses in Taiwanese dramas, specifically Park Shin-hye for "Hayate the Combat Butler" and Goo Hye-sun for "Absolute Boyfriend".  There's been some pretty intense discussions around the corners of both the Mandopop and Kpop communities regard this news.  Let's take a look at two of the most pressing discussion topics:

Argument #1:
Taiwanese producers are robbing the development of in-house Taiwanese actresses for the sake of getting ratings boosts from the current trendiest Korean actresses.

Park Eun-hye in 2006's "Silence".  Back then, Eun-hye had some pretty huge hit Korean dramas before they casted her as a mute alongside Vic Chou.  No one complained then.

Argument #2:
These dramas will suck because they have to dub the voices of the Korean actresses.

Yoo Ha-na in 2007's "My Lucky Star".  The ratings for that drama when it came out and the overwhelmingly positive comments by netizens online proved otherwise.

History thus far has shown that maybe it won't be so bad to have an occasional Korean actress or two casted in a Taiwanese drama for good measure.  After all, it did help Vic Chou expand beyond his idol stereotype and made Jimmy Lin a sensation in idol dramas.  Maybe the latest round of Korean actress castings will do the same for Wu Chun in expanding beyond his own idol stereotype and George Hu in becoming a sensation for his own idol dramas.

Nicholas Teo's "Prince"

Our favorite Kim Jae Won-clone Nicholas Teo hasn't been faring well in his latest drama "4 Gifts", so why not give him a nice consolation prize by giving him a nice mad props in this week's Random Chat!  Oh sure, people might prefer his more signature ballads like "Little Turtle" or "Your Heart My Heart", but in terms of epic sound, this one has to go to his rocking song "Prince".  But then, it's always hard to choose a favorite Nicholas Teo song.  It's like asking a parent to choose their favorite child, or a Fahrenheit fan to choose their least favorite member not named Calvin.

Nicholas Teo - Prince:

That should do it for this week's edition of Random Chat!  Now go forth and comment away!

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