Rainie visits Wu Chun's home?

Rainie Yang and Wu Chun have understandably gotten closer due to filming GTV's idol drama, "Sunshine Angel". They seemed to have become so close that after Rainie won the 2010 Golden Bell Best Leading Actress Award, she immediately flew to Wu Chun's homeland, Brunei, for vacation. Though there were rumors of them being together, after further investigation, it was confirmed that Wu Chun was in Mainland China for album promotions with the rest of Fahrenheit. But Rainie was indeed in Brunei and was vacationing together with her mother.

The reason that Rainie chose Brunei to spend her vacation from the 25th-28th was because of Wu Chun's enthusiastic recommendation during "Sunshine Angel" filming. Not only that, Wu Chun's assistant, who is also his older cousin, helped her book the hotels and made suggestions for her itinerary. Her manager has denied any entering and leaving of Wu Chun's home in Brunei, as some have reported seeing, or that they even met considering he was busy with promotions in Mainland and shooting a commercial in Guangzhou.

"Sunshine Angel" still has no slated air date yet, and will most likely be pushed to early next year, but the two leads seem to be getting along just fine.

Source: Appledaily, photo as credited on image

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