Pauli's Corner (#2): Zhong Wu Yen's abysmal ratings drop SETTV back down to pre-Fated to Love You ratings

It's no secret that SETTV's soon-to-finish drama Zhong Wu Yen has not been doing well in ratings for the channel known for churning out hits such as My Lucky Star, Fated to Love You, My Queen, and Autumn's Concerto. What many people may not realize is just how mediocre the ratings for Zhong Wu Yen featuring Ming Dao and Cheryl Yang are though. To illustrate the enormity that SETTV's descent has been in the ratings, Zhong Wu Yen's recent dip below the 2.0 rating marks the first time SETTV had sub-2.0 ratings since near the end of Bull Fighting's run starring Hebe Tian and Mike He...back in March 2008.

Ratings for SETTV dramas from late 2007 to late 2010 (data courtesy of Chinatimes Showbiz).

Bull Fighting is a representative reference of SETTV's venture into familiar territory, as ratings for both that early 2008 drama and currently airing Zhong Wu Yen are roughly similar to each other. Moreover, it was shortly after Bull Fighting finished its run that SETTV experienced a renaissance in ratings success, bringing with it two years of top ratings superiority for the channel at that time slot thanks to Fated to Love You.

Ratings for SETTV's top two and bottom two dramas from late 2007 to late 2010, based on ratings (data courtesy of Chinatimes Showbiz).

Following the conclusion of Bull Fighting, SETTV dramas have flip-flopped between producing soaring ratings (Fated to Love You, Autumn's Concerto, My Queen) and keeping the top ratings status quo (Woody Sambo, East Fortune Happy Life, P.S. Man). Regardless though, SETTV recent broadcast runs have been disappointing, and its descent can easily be seen with its latest drama compared to SETTV's most successful dramas from within the past several years.

Channel X: SETTV's hopeful fix for Zhong Wu Yen.

With the end of Zhong Wu Yen's broadcast just around the corner and SETTV's plans for a possible spin-off of one of their most successful idol drama still in pre-production, the channel can hope to fend off further descent with upcoming drama Channel X starring veteran idol actor Joe Cheng and rising starlet Amber Kuo. Channel X probably wouldn't need to have the same kind of unbridled success that Autumn's Concerto or My Queen had, as the channel could probably settle with P.S. Man or Easy Fortune Happy Life-type ratings just as well. If not, maybe Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen Qiao-en could make a savior-like comeback to idol dramas if they get start getting bored of working in the movie industry.

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