Newspapers at war over Jay Chou’s show

Jay Chou’s first ever hosting gig became the center of a media war after it premiered two weeks ago. Many are curious to find out whether he can make a half decent host. We won’t elaborate on his performance, but here are the facts: “Mr. J Channel” scored 0.32% in its debut on Cti (the cable network which produces the show.) The second episode dropped to 0.26% a week after. CTV aired the same episode two hours later and averaged 0.78%.

President Chou is angry at Liberty Times for its negative reporting on his show. The paper called Mr. J's ratings a disappointment, and accused him of using his once-rumored girlfriend Lin Chi-Ling to generate publicity for the show. In contrast , China Times has been singing its praises, which is no surprise, considering its parent company also owns Cti. Jay Chou expressed his dissatisfaction through his friend’s blog, even questioning if the paper was ill. Cti then took it to the next level – They banned Liberty Times from all on-set interviews.

Liberty Times retaliated by calling Chou “Arrogant” and said it would report about the show’s good ratings if it happens. In response, Jay Chou said he is indeed “Arrogant”, but definitely not as arrogant as Liberty Times. He pointed out that the paper claimed its sales are higher than China Times and UDN combined. In the midst of this “feud”, Nownews (online news site) took an interesting look at what it went on behind the scenes:

Brief Summary: Over 50 reporters attended the latest press event for Jay Chou's show. Even Variety Big Brother Chang Fei was there to show his support. However, one news outlet was noticeably missing as Liberty Timer wasn't invited. Without one of the major newspapers to promote his show, Jay Chou had to side with Appledaily instead. He has criticized paparazzi (which the paper is famous for) numerous times in the past, even calling them “dogs”. But for the sake of his show, the star sat down for a chat with reporters from “Apple”.

So did it help? Jay Chou didn’t make the front page of Appledaily’s entertainment section, but the paper did publish a piece called “President Chou: Strikes Back at media with foul language ‘Lin Bei'; not able to ignore (negative news) like Lin Chi-Ling". And UDN? Staying true to its bland style, it went with the title "Media criticizes host, Jay Chou retaliates by banning (them)".

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Liberytimes, Nownews, UDN

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