News Nibbles (#1): Kris Shen loses out in dating, Blue Lan co-stars with Han Chae-young in new movie, Mayday's Ashin gets fashionably large clothes for Lin Yu-chun

Another day, another new feature! There's so much going on in the Mandopop entertainment world, and sometimes it can be hard to cover everything that comes out in detail. This is especially true for the juicy news stuff, which can slip by without ever getting the love it deserves. To remedy this, we'll be reviving one of our classic features in revamped form for your enjoyment called News Nibbles! This occasionally feature will provide short news bites for you to nibble on to give you a quick dose of Mandopop entertainment news. Hope you enjoy!

Kris Shen got scolded by family when secretly dating, never dated again

Idol Kris Shen, who made his the first steps into adulthood by recently turning 18 years old, has many girls going ga-ga for the handsome singer and rising actor. Yet despite the jealously the status that guys have over the popular idol, Kris has not been on the dating scene since an incident he had with his family during his debut days. As it turns out, Kris had been secretly dating a female classmate for two months behind his parents' back. His parents only found out when they caught Kris having romantic chats with his "forbidden love" everyday, first on the phone and then on Skype. This did not sit well with his parents, as they wanted Kris to focus on his work instead. As a result, Kris had to have a tearful breakup with his brief love, and since then has not dated in order to appease his folks.  With Kris inching closer to becoming a full-fledged adult, maybe some lucky lady will help him break his dating curse.

Blue Lan filming some kind of movie with Korean actress Han Chae-young

The "Barbie Doll of Korea" Han Chae-young, best known for her works in South Korean idol dramas such as "Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang" and "Boys Over Flowers" is shooting a new movie. That by itself isn't too newsworthy in a Mandopop entertaiment site like ours, but her working with Taiwan's "Ken Doll of Taiwan" Blue Lan is. The colorfully-named Taiwanese model and actor, whose most recent idol drama works include "Easy Fortune Happy Life" and "P.S. Man", will shoot the film with Chae-young in Dubai that revolves around the struggles of young people and the dangers of the financial crisis in the housing market. In the meantime, the Taiwanese actor is currently taking part in the movie "Night Market Hero", which revolves around the exploits that take place in Taiwan's famous night market scene. From the local atmosphere of the night market to the luxurious scenes of gradiose skyscrapers, Blue has his work cut out for him.

Mayday's Ashin prepares oversize clothing for "Little Fatty" Lin Yu-chun

Taiwanese singer Lin Yu-chun, internationally known for his near-perfect cover of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" on Taiwanese talent show program "Superstar Avenue" is a fat dude, which perhaps added to the charm that played a decent part in escalating him to fame. Since then, Yu-chun has signed with international label Sony, released an English album that sold in the tens of thousands, and performed numerous times in front of large audiences in the United States. But with newfound fame comes the need for new clothes, yet clothes to fashionably compliment him are pretty hard to come by, especially in East Asia. Fortunately, Ashin of superstar rock band Mayday came to the rescue and got "Litty Fatty" a new set of fashionable wardrobe that fit his size. Ashin also announced that he would sponsor his clothes free of charge, which totally made Yu-chun's day.

Source: UDN

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