New group Onetwofree gets help from all-star cast for "Welcome" video

Universal Music TW recently introduced a new act by the name of “Onetwofree (自由發揮)”. Not to be confused with the Hong Kong mobile service company (One2free), this group is actually composed of two familiar faces – Ada from the popular talk show "University" and Born Li from "One Million Star" (aka Lala Hsu’s ex.) Their second single “Welcome (歡迎光臨)” has become quite a hit on Youtube with 300,000 views and counting.

“Welcome” followed Onetwofree’s previous hit “死定了(roughly translates to Die for Sure)” which had over 490,000 views. The new music video features an all-star cast including Da Mouth’s MC 40, Adia (阿弟仔), Van Ness Wu, Sodagreen’s A-Fu, Rachel Liang, Y2J’s Yuming and Eason Chan. They play a wide variety of characters from dog groomer, pastor (obvious?), high schoolers to even a mechanic that might need anger management. The song itself is far from the greatest, but its kuso lyrics should strike a chord with anyone that has something to complain about…

Here are 40, Van Ness Wu, A-Fu, Rachel Liang and Eason Chan:

See the rest in the "Welcome" MV:

Source: Nownews, Universal Music TW, video from otfonetwofree's Channel

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