New video previews for Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo's "Channel-X" shed some light on plot details

It'll be a couple more weeks until we get our dose of Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo's latest drama Channel-X, but SETTV has tangled in front of us a few videos that offer glimpses of the plot details.  When this idol drama was first announced, the only plot information given was some sort of rivalry between a news anchor (Joe) and a paparazzi (Amber), but based on the video previews, the story is clearly much more complex that that.

It's already shaping up to be a thriller along the theme of existing Taiwanese thrillers such as Black & White, but replacing the traditional law enforcers protagonists with more unorthodox news providing ones.  At least it's a nice change of pace from your usual romantic dramas and romantic comedies as of late.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:


Source: TKA Subbers

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