Miss ELVA gets repackaged with two cover edition

“Trendy Queen” ELVA Hsiao has been topping all kinds of music charts for her latest album, “Miss ELVA”. To celebrate its success, a special repackaged version will be released on November 12. There will be a bonus DVD with seven high quality music videos from the album as well as a hot pink wristband that is designed by ELVA herself. Furthermore, the album will be in a special 3D two-cover edition with ELVA in her “Miss ELVA warrior” and “Princess Goddess” look.

To reward the hard working singer, Gold Typhoon paid for her plane tickets and expenses for a five-day vacation in Bali staying at a six-star Villa.

Here are some more pictures:

Miss ELVA's Commemorate CD + DVD edition is now available for preorder on YesAsia!

The bonus DVD contains the MVs:
01. 瀟灑小姐 (Miss ELVA)
02. 錯的人 (Wrong Person)
03. 狂想曲 (Rhapsody)
04. 讓愛飛起來 (破冰版) (Let Love Fly / ice breaking ver.)
05. 讓愛飛起來 (彩虹版) (Let Love Fly / rainbow ver.)
06. 夢境 (Dream)
07. 雙面女神 (Double Faced Goddess)

Source: LibertyTimes

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