Mike He hopes to break out ratings losing streak with upcoming drama "Sunny Happiness"

Ever since Mike He's breakout year with 2005's Devil Beside You, the Taiwanese idol hasn't exactly gotten lightning to strike twice. With underachieving Why Why Love, underwhelming Bull Fighting, and now unmemorable Calling For Love under the actor's belt, Mike can at least look forward to next year to make up for lost ground.

With Mike's baking-themed drama Mei Le, Go also starring Cyndi Wang still in pre-production, the next drama to see the light will be mainland Chinese-financed drama Sunshine Happiness featuring fellow Taiwanese actress Janine Chang of The Hospital and Black & White fame.

If you're not up to speed on Sunny Happiness, then think of it as a cross between Taiwanese drama Autumn's Concerto and Korean drama Full House and you're basically there. Check out the 10-minute trailer to preview what may be Mike's most serious drama to date and judge for yourself whether it's your cup of tea.

Sunny Happiness 10-minute trailer:

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