Lu Chen body-searched at Vancouver casino

According to Next magazine, Magician Lu Chen was touring in Vancouver Canada to perform a magic show at the River Rock Theatre. After the show ended, he changed into his casual wear and decided to play a few hands at the casino. However, the security guards recognized Lu Chen from the magic show and requested to conduct a body search at the front entrance – afraid that Lu Chen might be carrying props for his magic tricks. Lu Chen cooperated with the search and even rolled up his sleeves to prove that he was not hiding anything.

Although Lu Chen was let into the casino in the end, he was not allowed to enter the VIP room. Lu Chen had no choice but to play with the slot machines by himself. Afterwards, the MP of Burnaby and Will Liu (劉畊宏), who were the organizers that invited Lu Chen to perform, came to understand the situation. They apologized to Lu Chen for having been treated this way and opened a new VIP room for him to compensate.

Here's a news clip from Chinatimes:

Source: UDN, Chinatimes

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