Lollipop F's William proud to be "water dragon"; Fabien almost faints underwater

As previously reported, the remaining members of Lollipop are coming back as Lollipop F! Their brand new album “Four dimensions” will be available in two different versions – containing either a “Light.Man” or “Water.Boy” themed 32 page photobook in its preorder versions.

Lollipop F especially visited Hong Kong and Jeju Island of Korea to shoot their photobooks. In the “Light. Man” version, the members showed off their mature manly attraction at the hotel room of Jeju Island. For the “Water.Boy” version, they tied a 5Kg anchor to their legs in order to sink 3 meters down to the bottom of the pool.

Since Owodog and A-Wei are experienced dancers, they easily completed all the required body movements while being in the water. William, who is of Phys. Ed related major, was crowned the “water dragon”, which he said proudly, “Taking photos underwater is my specialty! This doesn’t seem like work at all, I had such a fun and great time!” In fact, he was reluctant to get out of the water.

Although the rest of the members were perfectly fine with being in the water, Fabien almost fainted due to his fear of it. He completed his photo shoot after much effort, “I couldn’t get the air cylinder to work very well, so I kept choking in the water. I also had to keep my eyes open while being 3 or 4 meters underwater. The pressure was very great but I still had to give cool poses, so I felt like I was about to faint in there.”

Lollipop F's "Four dimensions" album is now available for preoder on YesAsia in either their Man's Lollipop Version (Light.Man photobook) or Jump! Lollipop Version (Water.Boy photobook)!

Here are some pictures from both versions:

Check out Lollipop F's "Four Dimensions" MV:

Source: NOWnews / Video: TyphoonGroup

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