Lollipop F visit Korea's Jeju Island, create own mini-Korean drama for latest MV "Best Supporting Male Actor"

Increasingly popular Taiwanese boy band Lollipop F has been heavily promoting their latest transformation as a four-member band by appearing on various Taiwanese variety show programs, and their latest act had them sighted at South Korea's famous Jeju Island to promote a booth for the Taiwan Travel there yesterday.

Since the Taiwanese boy band became Jeju Island's de facto ambassadors for Taiwan, travel to the island by Taiwanese tourists spiked up 20% compared to the same time period one year prior. The group was also given a pair of teddy bears as a token of the island's appreciation, which also played host to Lollipop F's latest MV for their track "Best Supporting Male Actor".

Speaking of the group's latest MV, the four guys of Lollipop F brought a Korean drama theme to their video, where they filmed a love triangle of sorts featuring a Korean actress on location in Jeju Island. The MV features at least two versions which differ on their ending, where each ending showed whether the group's member Ah Wei ends up with the Korean actress or not. For the good ending version, Ah Wei's kissing skills were given mad props from the female lead. Fellow group member Ao Quan said jokingly, "Before we started filming, when I asked [the Korean actress] who was her favorite out of the four of us, she said that she liked all of us. After the kissing scene, when I asked her again, she immediately said Ah Wei!"

Lollipop F's "Best Supporting Actor" MV (Crappy Ending):

Lollipop F's "Best Supporting Actor" MV (Good Ending):

Source: The Liberty Times, UDN
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MV Source: MVTaiwansisiemoon703

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