Lollipop F celebrates album sales success with signing and mini concert event

From six members down to four members, Lollipop F takes first and second place on the G-Music and Five Music album sales charts respectively with their latest album, “Four Dimensions”. Their main single, “Four Dimensions”, is also composed by members Owodog and Fabien after fighting over many disagreements. They’ve even bought recording equipments to take part in arranging their music and exclaimed that they want to be a group that’s “powerful and unique.” The album also contains the slow song, “放空” (Dazed), which is written by Fabien.

To celebrate their success in album sales, Lollipop F held a celebration signing and mini concert event at Ximending, attracting 1,500 fans. Their moms were their special guests and appeared as “Lollipop M (Model)”. Owodog affectionately kissed his mom on the lips and joked, “My dad is also here today, will he be jealous?”

Lollipop F promised the fans that if their album sales break a hundred thousand copies, they’ll hold a “all you can touch fan meeting.” And here's a more in-depth explanation of which body part they're working on:

(A-Wei: his pectoral muscles, Owodog: his "golden" right arm's bicep muscles, William: his abdominal muscles, Fabien: his chewing muscles)

G-Music album sales chart
1. Lollipop F / Four Dimensions
2. Kenji Wu / Love Me, Hate Me
3. Jolin Tsai / Myself
4. Vchuan Chen / Goodbye, Single
5. Various artists / Lian Hua

Five Music album sales chart
1. Kenji Wu / Love Me, Hate Me
2. Lollipop F / Four Dimensions
3. Jolin Tsai / Myself
4. OneTwoFree / OneTwoFree
5. Andy Lau / Unforgettable

KKBOX singles pop chart
1. Kenji Wu / It's Alright
2. Della Ding / Onion
3. Peter Pan / Two People Do Not Equal Us
4. ELVA Hsiao / Wrong Person
5. Kenji Wu / Absolutely Won't Let Go

Source: UDN, Appledaily / Video: allshow2

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