Lollipop F borrows Amit's skirt for dance performance on 100% Entertainment

Determined to be the best dancing boy group in Taiwan, Lollipop F showcased a series of dances during their recent appearance on the variety show, 100% Entertainment.

Lollipop F specially arranged a dance medley with recent dance hits from ELVA Hsiao, Da Mouth, and Show Luo. But it was William who stole the spotlight when he came out wearing Amit (A-Mei Chang)’s skirt from “Come If You Dare (好膽你就來 / Ho Ta Li Tioh Lai)” with Fabien and A-Wei lifting him off his feet. Finishing on a not-so-cool ending pose, Owodog revealed that they spent two hours late night at the office trying to finalize it. To satisfy everyone's curiosity, they showed their original ending, which caused a lot of laughter; Owodog then explained that they decided not to use it as they felt the need to mature from childish acts, but host Show Luo immediately teased, “Your revised ending pose wasn’t any more mature.”

During their discussion on the group's new album, William kept swaying in his Amit skirt. Although Show requested for him to stop, William explained, “It’s too much fun.” And A-Wei added, “Once you put it (the skirt) on, you can’t stop (swaying).” Not believing their words, Show decided to try on the skirt himself...

Show fell in love with the skirt immediately and exclaimed, "I'm wearing Amit's skirt!"

Lollipop F's "Four dimensions" album is now available on YesAsia!

Watch the dance medley here:

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Watch Lollipop F perform Stanley Huang's "Sound Wave" on Million Singer:

Videos: hundoct, sugoishow3

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