Lin Chi-ling tries to drop bad acting label, hopes to film four more movies next year

Model Lin Chi-ling is one of Taiwan's most famous exports to the international light, drawing much demand for her modeling skills such as in television commercials and print ads. Chi-ling also demonstrated that models don't make really great actresses, with some noteworthy examples including Chi-ling's portrayal in the media as a "flower vase" in acclaimed mainland Chinese war epic Red Cliff, the criticisms of her annoying acting in Japanese drama debut Moon Lovers, and simply being a part of Treasure Hunters.

Fear not though, as Chi-ling hopes that not one, not two, not three, but four more tries will erase the perceived perception of her unsuccessful attempts in acting.  Agents for Taiwan's own supermodel continues to have high hopes for the still-aspiring actress, as they are negotiating for Chi-ling to take part in four films next year. Whether audiences will take part in watching them is another matter.

Source: UDN

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