Lara comes back with solo album and 2-in-1 single

Former Nan Quan Mama member, Lara (Liang Xin Yi 梁心頤) is now flying solo. She has joined under Jay Chou's JVR banner and will be releasing her solo album on December 6th.

For her new album, Lara wrote the lyrics to nine of the songs, composed two, and participated in the production. Jay Chou has been very considerate towards her, asking her from time to time, "Do you need my help?" and offering her songs suited for her. There's few who would dare to reject Jay, thus when Lara did, she had to explain, "He is very considerate towards me, but he is very busy. I don't want to trouble him"

Prior to releasing the album, the company has released two singles. The two songs will not be included in the album, and instead were available to download as a gift for fans who have been waiting for Lara for the past two years. These two songs are a result of Lara having fun with music. She has rearranged a English oldies song, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" and created a new Chinese song, "I Don't Have 我没有". When the two songs are played independently, they already sound nice with their own themes, but when they are played in unison, they will transform into a beautiful duet. This type of music challenges broadcasting possibilities. When two different devices are playing each song, it will become one unique song. Taiwanese radio stations, Hit FM and I Radio collaborated for the first time to broadcast the two songs synchronously this past month and will again broadcast the songs at 12:06AM on December 6th.

As to why she chose this English song, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone", Lara stated that she heard this song being sang by her father when she was four and was already moved at the time. The simple lyrics of this 60s anti-war song attracted her with her 22-year-old's melancholy and bitter outlook on love. With her sweet voice, Lara took on this new challenge.

"Where Have All The Flowers Gone"

"I Don't Have"

"I Don't Have" + "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" (MIX)

Here is a lesson on how to get the full experience from Lara's new songs:

Listen to both songs (Lover's version):

Playlist of Lara's 2-in-1 single w/ different MVs

Sources: Libertytimes, JVR Music

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