Justice Bao makes a comeback in primetime

Yes, Justice Bao and his famous guillotine collection are back! -- 17 years after this incredibly popular drama hit airwaves, CTS has brought it back to prime-time for viewers who might like something retro. It was intended to be a “filler” during the broadcast of the Intercontinental Cup Baseball Tournament and the 2010 Asian Games. Much to their surprise, “Justice Bao (包青天)” has made it to the top 5 in the primetime drama ratings. Many viewers have in fact grown up watching this show and it looks like they are enjoying it once again.

Netizens have been praising Justice Bao with comments like “A classic is a classic” and “Fast-paced but not sloppy.” Some also pointed out its success reflects the public's dissatisfaction towards "idiotic judges" (that have recently given light sentences or dropped charges altogether in rape and molestation cases.)

The actors that appeared on the show have also become a hot topic amongst fans. Some of the familiar faces include Big Party’s Tai Chih Yuan (邰智源) and Monga’s director Doze Niu (鈕承澤). Tai actually won a Golden Bell for Best Supporting Actor with his role. Some viewers noticed quite a big difference in his appearance, “Tai Ge’s face was so pointy back then.” As for Niu, they said, “(He is) truly the classic bad guy.”

Opening Theme (don't you wanna to sing along already?...):

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Source: UDN, videos from sinkfame's Channel

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