Jolin Tsai's manager and mentor Sam Chen wins out against Jolin's bad album sales lawsuit

If you're not familiar with Sam Chen, that's okay.  He's not really a household name to Mandopop fans in the west, but over in East Asia, the current Warner Music Greater China chairman and Jolin Tsai's mentor often gets himself in the news more often than even the artists signed under him.  Sam's back in the news again, but it's probably a good idea to give a crash course of what happened first.  Brace yourself, because it's a bit messy.

So back in 2008, when Jolin Tsai was still an artist under Sam's previous music label EMI Music Taiwan (now called Gold Typhoon), the pop idol released an English album called Love Exercise.  For those of you keeping track at home, this release coincides between studio albums Agent J (2007) and Butterfly (2009).  The entirely English album itself, whose title can come across as a dirty Japanese AV movie title, was actually well-noted for its English covers such as "Let's Get the Party Started" and "Lady Marmalade", but the album eventually ended up bombing in sales despite Jolin's relatively excellent command of the English language (yes, we're looking right at you, Show Luo).

Later that year, Sam leaves his post as chairman of EMI for rival major music label Warner Music, and in the process brings along his pupil Jolin.  But wait, didn't Sam pull off a major coup in signing massively expensive blockbuster deals with Taiwanese artists such as A-mei, Lollipop, Show Luo, and Stephanie Sun while at EMI?  Why, that's correct.  So yeah, Sam let behind those artists he signed into EMI himself for greener pastures with Warner Music.

Long story short:

  • Sam had Jolin do an album and a book in English while at EMI.
  • Book sold well but album bombed.
  • Sam leaves EMI for Warner with Jolin.

Fastforward to August of this year, and EMI (or Gold Typhoon, no one really knows for sure nowadays) sues Sam for being responsible for bad album sales.  The details for this lawsuit won't be regurgitated in this post, but you can scope it out on our previous and in-depth coverage by our lovely in-house writer PA (pronounced PEE-AY) here.  But anyway, the Taipei courts eventually sided with Sam, which means that Jolin's mentor won out against EMI's suit.  That should be the end of it, right?  Well, as we all know, grown-ups tend to appeal court rulings in these kinds of situations, and this matter may drag out even further.

But on the bright side, did you guys know that Jolin's already released ELEVEN (!!!) studio albums since the August release of latest album Myself?  That's just insane...kind of like this lawsuit.

Source: UDN

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