Joe Cheng goes to anchorman class while wishing Da S the best in her marriage

Time for some Channel X updates! If you don't know already, idol actor Joe Cheng is taking part in SETTV's replacement for flagging ratings drama Zhong Wu Yen as an anchorman, and the actor took the stage behind the on-set newscaster desk with guidance from real-life veteran anchorman Chen Ya-lin of Taiwanese cable television network TVBS.

In order to get some practice for the role, Anchorman Joe got behind the camera and gave the news regarding Da S and her recent shotgun marriage. Following his anchorman practice, the popular male actor expressed that although he isn't that close with Da S, he does follow Da S' microblog over on Weibo and said, "I wish her a blessed marriage."

While on the set for Chanenl X, professional newscaster Chen Ya-lin watched on as Joe roleplayed his anchorman part. Just like a real newscaster, Joe was put on the spot to read lines from the teleprompter while broadcasting the news but ended up stumbling over his lines.

In response, Joe said that life in newscasting is worlds apart from acting, and thus graded himself pretty low on his performance. But Chen Ya-lin complimented his performance and only docked 10 points for his news acumen for a final score of a 90, and followed up by saying that it is very difficult for people to make up those remaining points.

Joe Cheng: Handsome Anchorman

Source: UDN

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