Joe Cheng and Mike He lead a new slate of idol dramas on Sunday nights

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Idol dramas ratings have hit new lows in the past few months but there is relief on the way, or so the networks hope. Joe Cheng will be one of many familiar faces returning when the current slate of idol dramas comes to an end. He is making his first appearance in two years with the SETTV-produced “Channel X”. This new show is taking over for “Zhong Wu Yen", which has recorded some of the lowest ratings for a SETTV drama in years. Channel X will get a head start on the competition next Sunday (December 5th) on TTV.

Over on CTS, “Endless Love” is getting replaced by the first season of “Gossip Girl” on the same day. The network has had a string of duds this year, so they will try to battle Taiwanese idols with American ones. As for FTV, there is some good news for fans that have been waiting for “Love Buffet” with Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen. The GTV-produced drama hasn’t had much luck with finding a timeslot on the free-to-air networks, but it will now get an air date some time in December.

FTV in fact announced recently that they will stop airing Korean dramas due to the current Anti-Korean wave in Taiwan. The network has literally given up on “Personal Preference” by not airing any promos for it. This could turn into a big headache for GTV as it already has a number of dramas in the works involving Korean stars. Production of “Absolute Boyfriend” starring Goo Hye Sun is on hold as her costar Wu Chun is filming the movie “Da Wu Sheng” in the mainland. Park Shin Hye is still in Taiwan working on “Hayate the Combat Butler”, but it’s safe to say this drama won’t see daylight anytime soon.

Last but not least, Mike He will join the competition on CTV after “4 Gifts" finishes. His previous drama “Calling for Love” was finally aired in May after numerous delays, but from the ratings it got, he probably wished it had never made it on air anyway. He will return with Janine Chang in the new drama “Sunny Happiness”.

Interestingly, Mike He, Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruan all started out as models before turning their attention to acting. Their projects have competed against each other but the three are known to be good friends in real life. Cheng was the first to have his breakout role in “The Rose”, followed by He in “Devil Beside You”. Ruan was more famous for his love life than his work until things took a 180-turn with “Fated to Love You”. The newly crowned Golden Horse Best Actor will most likely stick with movies, while Mike He and Joe Cheng will try to further establish themselves as the top idol actors on the small screen.

A round-up of the upcoming Sunday night idol dramas:
TTV - Channel X (國民英雄), starting on Dec. 5th
CTS - Gossip Girl, starting on Dec. 5th
FTV - Love Buffet (愛似百匯), TBA
CTV - Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天), TBA

And here's the question, where is "Sunshine Angel"?...

Source: UDN, images from TGS, UDN

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