Jody Chiang invites Jam Hsiao as special guest for last show of concert tour

The queen of Taiwanese (dialect) music Jody Chiang completed her 8th and final show of her “Dreamer” concert tour across Taiwan. To add to that, it was also her first time holding an outdoor concert, and Jody expressed before the show that “the weather was her greatest enemy.” Luckily, the skies stayed clear for the whole night.

Jody had invited many big stars as special guests for all her previous shows – which included A-Mei Chang, Mayday, and S.H.E. For the final show, she invited Jam Hsiao to a duet. Being a fan of Jody’s, Jam had recorded his version of Jody’s classic “無言花” (Speechless Flower) onto his previous album, and he performed it at the concert. Jody used Taiwanese to praise Jam, calling him a “hard-working new singer.” Jam was very nervous on stage but managed to express his honor to be Jody’s guest in Mandarin.

To welcome the queen of Taiwanese music to Taichung (which was where the concert took place), the municipal government blocked off roads and two intersections to control traffic as if it was a New Year’s event. Jody attracted an impressive total of twenty thousand fans to the venue.

Clip of Jam and Jody singing the duet, "秋雨彼一暝" (Autumn Rain at Night):

Source: UDN / Video: JAM19870330

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