JJ Lin to return with a remake album of songs he wrote for female singers

It’s not a bad idea at all considering the massive amount of hits he has composed. We’ve seen him perform them in concerts and TV shows, but wouldn’t it be great to have them on an album? JJ Lin will finally return with a new release on December 8th after bombarding us with excess skin this summer.  It features the title track “She Says” which he collaborated with Sun Yanzi, as well as 10 remakes of songs that he has previously written for female singers.

"She Says" is now available for pre-order at Yesasia!

Check out these teasers:

Preview of "She Says"

Performance from this year's Golden Melody

There's no way he can sing all (16) of them...which one do you think he can do without? (or which one is a "must"?)

These are the songs played in this clip:
記得 (Remember) - 張惠妹 (A-Mei) [link]
明天見 (See You Tomorrow) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang) [link]
握不住的他 (Can't hold on to him) - 蕭蕭 (Xiao Xiao) [link]
一眼萬年 (One Glance, Eternity) - S.H.E [link]
我很想愛他 (I really want to love him) - Twins [link]
手錶 (Watch) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang) [link]
心牆 (Wall in my heart) - 郭靜 (Claire Kuo) [link]
愛笑的眼睛 (Eyes that love to smile) - 徐若瑄 (Vivian Hsu) [link]
當你 (Be your...) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang) [link]
保護色 (Protective color) - 張韶涵 (Angela Chang) [link]
只對你有感覺 (Only have feelings for you) - 飛輪海 (Fahrenheit) & Hebe [link]
一千遍我愛你 (Loving you a thousand times) - 伊能靜 (Annie Yi) [link]
在你懷裡的微笑 (Smile in your embrace) - 楊丞琳 (Rainie Yang) [link]
這就是愛嗎 (Is this love) - 容祖儿 (Joey Yung) [link]
路人 (Passerby) - 江美琪 (Maggie Chiang) [link]
勇敢 (Brave) - BY2 [link]
Performing Remember, Heart's Wall and Be Your... at the 100 Days Live Concert back in March (The DVD + book with 18 piano sheets is also available from Yesasia if you need something to combine for free shipping.):

Here is (a rough translation of) the press release from UDN:

Seven years after he received the Golden Melody Award for Best Newcomer, JJ Lin used his singing and sincerity to touch the Best Female Singer nominees, as well as the audience and netizens. He led everyone into the musical stories of five very different women. After the piano stopped playing, they stood up all at once to applaud for JJ. At that moment, what we heard was not only a performance of songs that moved people. We also heard what “he said”, “she said”…

Having learned to be more considerate, more maturely giving, a person gets to see this world from a different angle, and have greater capacity for the ones they love. Under this circumstance, JJ Lin reviewed his body of work and decided to remake the great songs that he has written for female singers. In addition to the refreshing idea of interpreting women’s songs from a man’s point of view, he also hopes to rediscover his original intention and move his listeners in a completely different way.

In the past, female singers have always performed songs written by JJ Lin to express women’s attitude towards love and their feelings. JJ hopes to give these songs a different energy by retelling them from a male point of view. He also wants to remind everyone not only to listen to the songs, but also “listen” to those who you care and love. No matter if it’s a man or woman, family or friend, open your heart and listen to what she (he) has to say.

 Source: UDN, Kuangnan,video from obmusic100's Channel, Satoshi1039's channel

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